Activate Windows 7 on your Computer

You must activate Windows 7 within 30 days of installation.

The activation of Windows 7 helps prevent software counterfeiting. Also, the activation helps verify that the Windows 7 on your PC is genuine and that it hasn't been installed on more PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

You can activate Windows 7 either online or by phone. To activate Windows by phone, you'll need to interact with an automated phone system. Activating online requires an Internet connection.

At the time of Windows 7 activation, you'll need Windows 7 product key. If you purchased and download Windows 7 online you can find product key in a confirmation e-mail-or on the computer or inside the Windows 7 package. If you can't find your Winodws 7 product key, then you might need to buy a new product key. Click here to find out how to get a new Windows 7 product key.

To activate Windows 7 online

Step 1. Click on Start button, right-click on Computer, then choose Properties from the context menu.

Step 2. In the System console, activate the operating system by clicking a link at the bottom of the screen “Activate Windows now” under “Windows Activation”.

Activate Windows 7

Step 3. And then clicking “Activate Windows online now” in the Windows Activation dialog box.

Activate Windows 7

Step 4. If you're connected to the Internet enter the Windows 7 product key in the following dialog and click Next button to activate Windows 7. Your system then connect to your Internet connection and attempts to activate your copy of Windows 7.

If it fails, you’ll need to resolve any issues that are preventing your PC from connecting to the Internet connection and then click the link “Activate Windows online now” again.

Note: If you're prompted for confirmation or an administrator password, provide confirmation or type the administrator password.

Congratulation! Your copy of Windows 7 is activated sucessfully. See, the Windows Activation dialog box bellow. Click on Close button and Enjoy your Windows 7!

Activate Windows 7

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