New Features: Windows 7 HomeGroup

You can share your libraries automatically

Let's talk about Windows 7 HomeGroup Feature. How to Create, Join, Share Libraries, Documents, Media Files, Configure, Troubleshoot, Tips, Solve Problems, Help and Support.

HomeGroup is a new feature in Windows 7, which allows two or more computers running Windows 7 to share files, printers and stream media on a home network without the hassle of managing individual user accounts and permissions. Other people can't change the files that you share, unless you give them permission to do so.

You no longer need to remember on which PC you stored a batch of documents and media files; with HomeGroup you can search across all computers, or you can search a particular library or machine in a homegroup. Gone are the days when, to print a document, you copied it to a Floppy or USB flash drive and then carried it to the PC to which your printer is attached. Computers in a homegroup automatically share printers but do not automatically share media files.

Homegroup in Windows 7 is created automatically if it's doesn't already exist on your home network. If one already exists, you can join a homegroup. After you create or join a homegroup, you can select the libraries in Windows 7 that you want to share or later on you can share additional libraries too.

Windows 7 HomeGroup Windows 7 HomeGroup Settings

In a homegroup you also have the option to share a folder directly with anyone in the homegroup as read-only or read-write. And you can help protect your homegroup with a password, you set the homegroup password when you set up the homegroup and can modify the password as necessary at any time.

Windows 7 HomeGroup Requirements

To participate in a homegroup your computers must be running Windows 7 only, you cannot participate in a homegroup if your computers running Windows Vista or Windows XP. HomeGroup feature is available in all editions of Windows 7. Computers running the Starter and Home Basic edition of Windows 7, you can join a homegroup, but you cannot create a homegroup.

Homegroups are available only when a computer running Windows 7 is connected to a home network, you can't participate in a homegroup if your computer joined to Microsoft Windows Domain.

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